Planetside 2 – “Beta will begin very soon.”

The official Planetside2 twitter account reported this morning that hte beta will start  soon and to look for "an approximation during E3" so we should know before the end of the week when (open?) beta will approximately start.

Intruder – Tactical Mutli-Player FPS

Intruder is an up and coming tactical game that deploys "stealth and cunning over twitch gameplay".
From what I have seen this game looks very promising and I am looking forward to more news from creators SuperBoss on this game.

Article with more information on Intruder:

Official Site of Intruder (for now?):

Planetside2 – GDC Coverage – Video Interviews

With Tramell Isaac (Source: Curse Network)
With Josh Hackney (Source: NVIDIA)
With Matt Higby and Tramell Isaac (Part 1, Source: [62] /r/Planetside and Planetside-Universe)
ith Matt Higby and Tramell Isaac (Part 2, Source: [64] /r/Planetside and Planetside-Universe)
[youtube][/youtube] - W
With Matt Higby (Source: Gamespot)
With Tramell Isaac (Source: Machinima)

Planetside – GDC Coverage

Here are the youtube video links for the GDC First Gameplay of Planetside2.
Part 0 here:
Part 1 here:
Part 2 here:
Part 3 here:
Part 4 here:
Bonus Footage:

(You can also watch the above videos on this page by clicking the "read more link")


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Full web site overhaul

Hi Folks,
Today I am happy to introduce you to the new web site. The new site is built and based around WordPress being the heart and soul of it. The forums are now powered by Simple:Press which allows for full integration of user accounts between WordPress & Simple:Press. Now that the site has been updated to a newer, faster, leaner back-end it will allow me (and the command staff?) to easily update the site (and hopefully more frequently). Versus the previous way of me manually creating .php pages and uploading them. Below is a brief list of the major updates that come with this overhaul.

Please let me know if you guys have any questions or concerns.

"And as always... have nice day."