Planetside2 – GDC Coverage – Video Interviews

With Tramell Isaac (Source: Curse Network)
With Josh Hackney (Source: NVIDIA)
With Matt Higby and Tramell Isaac (Part 1, Source: [62] /r/Planetside and Planetside-Universe)
ith Matt Higby and Tramell Isaac (Part 2, Source: [64] /r/Planetside and Planetside-Universe)
[youtube][/youtube] - W
With Matt Higby (Source: Gamespot)
With Tramell Isaac (Source: Machinima)

Planetside – GDC Coverage

Here are the youtube video links for the GDC First Gameplay of Planetside2.
Part 0 here:
Part 1 here:
Part 2 here:
Part 3 here:
Part 4 here:
Bonus Footage:

(You can also watch the above videos on this page by clicking the "read more link")


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Looking Forward

Hi Guys,
After a long, long break. I am reviving the web site, forums and outfit.
Over the next several weeks you will see the following changes and additions in preparation for the beta and eventual release of
Planetside 2.

Updated web site back-end with new design - Going from simple php page(s) to WordPress based site with blog and forum integration
Updated forums
Newsletter creation for the outfit
Voice Server

Please check back over the next few weeks for further updates.

Kind regards,