Outfit Meeting November Times

Hello Fellow/Previous USA Members,

I would like to have a meeting for all outfit members (new & old) on the weekend of November 3 rd or 4th and possibly November 10th or 11th. This meeting would be to ascertain the direction the members want the outfit to go? How many of us are actually playing? Do we still want to be part of an alliance? If so is it TTA? Do we want to change up leadership? Etc.

So please post your thoughts and comments, what times/days will work best for you in the forum thread linked below.

Also please feel free to hope on the TTA TS server when you play. There are plenty of TR on there during the evening.

TTA TS Server Address:

If you happen to run into "VHS2Beta" on TR, that is my room mate. Feel free to relay messages to me through him.

Here is some of the important PS2 news that has happened.

Esamir is now live!
Planetside 2 Launches on November 20, 2012

Hope this message finds you all well!



Planetside 2 – E3 Stream Day 1 – TotalBiscuit

Video embeds for all three parts of day one coverage.


Part 1: (Totalbiscuit and Margaret Krohn | 59m57s)


Part 2: (Totalbiscuit and Adam Clegg | 52m39s)


Part 3: (Totalbiscuit and Adam Clegg - 14m33s)


Bacon Max – Overview of PS2 Maxes – Video Commentary by Total Biscuit

Nice informational video on regarding MAX  units in Planetside 2. Prefect timing by Total halibut, as I was just thinking it would be nice to know if Maxes are going to be in PS2 and to have some details about them.




Planetside 2 – “Beta will begin very soon.”

The official Planetside2 twitter account reported this morning that hte beta will start  soon and to look for "an approximation during E3" so we should know before the end of the week when (open?) beta will approximately start.