Outfit Meeting November Times

Hello Fellow/Previous USA Members,

I would like to have a meeting for all outfit members (new & old) on the weekend of November 3 rd or 4th and possibly November 10th or 11th. This meeting would be to ascertain the direction the members want the outfit to go? How many of us are actually playing? Do we still want to be part of an alliance? If so is it TTA? Do we want to change up leadership? Etc.

So please post your thoughts and comments, what times/days will work best for you in the forum thread linked below.

Also please feel free to hope on the TTA TS server when you play. There are plenty of TR on there during the evening.

TTA TS Server Address:

If you happen to run into "VHS2Beta" on TR, that is my room mate. Feel free to relay messages to me through him.

Here is some of the important PS2 news that has happened.

Esamir is now live!
Planetside 2 Launches on November 20, 2012

Hope this message finds you all well!



Planetside 2 News from Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Here is a bunch of condensed news from Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

I thought I would quickly put most of this information in one post so it is easy for you guys to find the some of the latest (as of October 24) PS2 news.

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Planetside 2′s Handsome Third Continent Revealed!

By Jim Rossignol on October 19th, 2012.


Temperate and spectacularly mountainous terrain features in the reveal trailer of Amerish (below), which will be the third continent that Planetside 2 will feature at launch. It’s disgustingly pretty, probably more so than the other two, as you can see. I think I’ll end up playing here as much as I can, so that wearing purple armour and murdering an infinite army of similar begarbed space gentlemen can feel more like a nice holiday.

Oh and if you’re looking for RPS types to play with, we’re getting organised over hereRead the rest of this entry »

It’s A Plan: PlanetSide 2 Launching November 20th

By Nathan Grayson on October 19th, 2012.


Right then, it’s official: PlanetSide 2 isn’t facing a delay or staying in closed beta until 2013 just to taunt you. One day more than one month from now, it’ll be live and freely available for all (well, those with gaming PCs herculean enough to handle it, anyway). It’s been quite some time in coming, but – during SOE Live’s opening keynote in Las Vegas – John Smedley announced that this is it. So the day of reckoning is nearly at hand, but what exactly will it entail? Well, wouldn’t you like to know. And you can, after the break.

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Smedley’s Meddling: Planetside 2 Changes Incoming

By Craig Pearson on October 17th, 2012


 I keep forgetting that Planetside 2 is in closed beta. It’s so big and busy that my brain tricks me into believing it’s been launched. But there’s still a lot to do, and SOE have shared the more immediate fixes with the players. SOE President John “Smed” Smedley took to the forums to outlay a bunch of upcoming changes, including some dramatic changes to the in-game economy, the announcement of another continent, and he even teased when the release date would be announced.

According to Smed, the most important area is performance. I’ve not suffered any problems myself, but I’m special: “As it stands now we know the game needs improving in all areas. We are currently CPU bound which means it’s more important what kind of CPU you have versus what kind of graphics card. As I said we have major improvements coming. This isn’t magic. It’s hard work. Planetside 2 is always going to have a higher end requirement than other similar games because of the scale of fights we have.”



PlanetSide 2′s Ice Continent Dropping This Weekend

By Nathan Grayson on October 6th, 2012.

PlanetSide 2 takes place on a planet. An entire planet. If it didn’t, it’d be named Countryside, LargeLandmassSide, or Fred. And so, in that spirit, SOE’s adding a whole new continent – one of two more that are ultimately planned for the launch version. This one’s called Esamir, and it appears to be the estranged landson of the ice planet Hoth, what with all its frigid unpleasantness and potential for series-defining moments starring Harrison Ford. Take a peek at its peaks, valleys, and dangerously low-flying aircraft after the break.

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A Galaxy Away: Planetside 2′s Spawn Bus Victory

By Jim Rossignol on October 5th, 2012



There was something I neglected to mention in my previous observations about Planetside 2′s version of the venerable Galaxy drop ship, and that was the tactical implications of having it as the mobile base and spawning point. I’d been meaning to discuss it for a while, but then SOE went and fixed the problem. They promoted the Sunderer – Planetside 2′s bus-like person-carrier – to the role they had originally designated to the Galaxy.

Thoughts on this, and more besides, resides below.
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SOE Revise Planetside 2 “Membership” Benefits

By Jim Rossignol on October 3rd, 2012.

By membership, of course, they mean subscription. While Planetside 2 will be completely free to play, a subscription confers a number of benefit. In response to the beta feedback the $15 a month sub will now confer: “25-50% increased resource gain, 25-50% increased XP gain, 25-50% increased passive cert point gain.” Each of these “start at 25% and increase by 5% per month of sustained membership up to a total bonus of 50% each at 6+ months membership.” Then there’s a priority login queue for subs, early Access to new cosmetic items on the store and 500 StationCash each month. Personally I suspect I will be paying for one of these for at least the first few months.

Meanwhile, I’ve been playing a bit in the beta, and feel that this remains one of the most exciting games out there right now. I will have some more thoughts on the progress of that beta a little later in the week. Our community is getting organised in this thread. Join us!


PlanetSide 2 Tackles ‘Pay-To-Win’ Problem

By Nathan Grayson on September 20th, 2012



Redundancy police, beware. I’m about to commit a heinous crime the likes of which will make you physically ill even after your 30 years on the force. I will now use the word “impressive” until it loses all meaning. Here goes: PlanetSide 2 is an impressive game. It’s impressively large, yet also impressively free-to-play, and that impresses me. Not only that, SOE’s been impressively open about the development process and its intentions for the gigantotronic shooter behemoth. And now, based on a new post from creative director Matt Higby, I get the impression that SOE’s impressively dedicated to steering clear of pay-to-win’s slippery slope.

Granted, Higby immediately (and rightly) notes that ‘pay-to-win’ is a nebulous term. His goal, however, is to ensure that all content is available whether you’re ponying up or hunkering down in a microtransaction-proof bunker.

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Next For PlanetSide: New Continent, Performance Tweaks

By Nathan Grayson on September 13th, 2012



PlanetSide 2‘s beta is up and running (and flying and shooting and doing whatever tanks do), and it has many things. Jim, of course, has chronicled a large number of them in his characteristically handsome fashion. But, if you believe SOE’s rhetoric, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. And it’s not particularly difficult to believe, seeing as it’s getting ready to drop an entire continent on us. And then another continent after that, but probably not until much, much later. Also headed to our side of the PlanetSide planet: performance improvements, gunplay tweaks, and, well, maybe a delay – if need be. According to SOE, this one’s launching “when it’s ready, and not before.”


PlanetSide 2′s ‘Alpha Squad’ Grants Instant Beta Access

By Nathan Grayson on September 8th, 2012



Thus far, PlanetSide 2 has proven to be pretty great, but it’s definitely not perfect. The main issue, as I see it, is that it’s not currently being played by everyone on Earth. But then, it is only in beta, and that’s simply the nature of the beast. It doesn’t have to be, though. Not anymore. SOE, you S-O-see, just kicked off a new “Alpha Squad” program. Yes, it’ll run you $40 for a planet-sized shooter that is – technically speaking - free-to-play, but this is actually a pretty nice deal. Allow me to explain.

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